What can you really say about yourself when there is not that much to tell?

You see as people go I am remarkably ordinary. I wouldn’t stand out in a crowd, in fact I’d probably manoeuvre myself to the back of it.

I’ve been on this planet 40 something years, some which were good and some of which were bad.

I’ve been a carer to someone with dementia and I myself suffer from anxiety, self confidence and depression issues. Yet still, I am remarkably ordinary.

There’s a sense of humour lurking in here somewhere and periodically it will make an appearance. You see writing is therapeutic, it’s my way of getting by.

My friend used to refer to his head as his top box. I liked that saying, it was quirky and just a little weird, a bit like me, so I added the wonky, because right now mine is a little wonky and here I am.

I hope to use writing as a kind of rehabilitation. There’s been a lot of stuff and I need to sort and compartmentalise it in order to hopefully make sense of it.

I’ve no idea how you ended up here, but thanks for stopping by. Believe me, this could well be a journey of discovery for us both.