As it is

It’s been a long time since I have written, I was shocked myself to see that I had not posted anything since April.

I am a little annoyed with myself because so much has happened and I’ve missed out on recording all those emotions, thoughts and feelings, things that in time I will wish I had.

It’s been a rollercoaster and in some respects still is. I’m finding it hard to figure out how I feel about my current situation or how I deal with it. As usual I am overthinking and over analyzing everything instead of doing what I should, which is let life unfold in front of me.

My heart hurts. I’m trying to apply common sense and virtual plasters but it is still broken, albeit not fatally so.

I asked before in a previous post if you believed in fate. I wanted to, I really did. I wanted to believe that all these things that were happening and the way they were happening were meant to be and that maybe for once I was going to grab a little piece of this happiness thing that seems to work so well for others. I was wrong.

I usually am…..

…and now my heart hurts.

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